Take Control of Your Airflow.

Greenhouse Help. Take Control of Your Airflow.

The Zurich® Adjustable Fan-Mount helps maximize plant yield, quality, and sustainability. This is accomplished by providing the ability to quickly and easily adjust the height of wall-mounted fans to the same height as the plant-canopy.

  • Easy installation in less than 5 minutes
  • Takes seconds to adjust fan to the plant canopy height
  • Provides 40″ of vertical adjustment
  • Made of the highest quality materials and built to last

Unlock the Potential of Your Garden With Greenhouse Help

“Air is heavy. The air over every square foot of floor area in a greenhouse weighs about one pound. A 30′ x 100′ greenhouse contains about 1-1/2 tons. Once the air is moving, it will coast along like a car on a level road. This is why Horizontal Airflow is so efficient.”

-John W. Bartok, Jr., Natural Resources Mgt. & Engr. Dept., University of Connecticut

Horizontal Air Flow is Best for Greenhouse Air Circulation

Scientific research has shown the benefits of consistent horizontal air flow within the plant canopy as greenhouse plants grow and increase in height. Our patented  Adjustable Fan-Mount helps to maximize plant yield, quality, and sustainability by allowing frequent adjustment of fan heights with ease.

Flexible Pricing

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  • 1-9 Units
  • Consumer Price: $41.99 each


  • 10-99 Units
  • Consumer Price: $40.99 each


  • 100+ Units
  • Consumer Price: $39.99 each

Take Control of Your Airflow.